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Arrival and Dismissal Information

We want to take a moment to go over our arrival and dismissal procedures which are mostly the same as you have experienced in the past several years.  Each morning we will begin accepting K-5 students from the car line at 7:15. Since all of the classrooms are in the main building, the front entrance is the only drop off point. If you have preschool age students they will be dropped off at the back of the school at the bus circle starting at 7:20. This school year we will not be conducting COVID-19 screening protocols in the car line, but we do ask that parents self-monitor at home and notify their child’s teacher or the front office if their child is sick.

At the end of the day, we will have three different lanes for pick-up. A staff member will come around and take names; please display your car line placard with your child’s name on your front dash. At 2:30 we will end instruction and shortly after that we will begin calling students from their classroom and safely taking them to their car. All students need to get into their car from the passenger side. If for some reason your child will need to load on the driver’s side, we ask that you exit your vehicle and wait at the front of your car and then we will release your child to you, so you can load them safely. We need your help with making room for three lanes of cars and closing the gaps to a safe distance between each car. Our biggest concern is getting every car off of Old 421 and safely lined up in our parking lot. Any help you can provide in making sure there is room for every car is appreciated. Lastly, we want to remind you that students can sometimes get excited and get out of line or run to their car. For this reason, we do not move any students to their car if we have a lane of cars moving. Once that lane has safely exited and all cars are stopped, we will walk the next line of students to their car.