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Educational Opportunities

PRE-APPROVED EDUCATIONAL TRIPS: Parents must complete an Educational Opportunity Trip Request Form available in the office or on the school’s website at least 5 days prior to the trip with details explaining how the trip will be educational. Teachers and parents will work together to complete all missed assignments. Teachers will provide as many assignments as possible before the student leaves for the trip; however some assignments may have to be assigned the day the student returns from the trip. Each student will have 3 days from the day they return to school to submit the missed assignments.  All students are required to complete a daily journal where they will complete a narrative writing piece and recount the educational events of the day in a sequential order and with details.  The writing must meet the ELA standards and expectations for the student’s grade level as outlined in the grade specific standards, clarifications and glossary (W.K.3, W1.3, W2.3, W3.3, W4.3, W5.3 or W6.3; see attachment for grade specific requirements).  On the day the student returns to school, they must meet with the principal to go over their journal. The principal will determine if the journal meets grade level expectations, based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study standards for narrative writing.  If the journal meets grade level standards and the teacher receives all missed work, the absences will be changed from unexcused to educational opportunity.  Failure to complete a trip request form on time, complete the daily journal that meets standards, and make up any missed work will result in the absence not being coded as an educational opportunity.


Forbush Elementary allows one educational trip per year for a maximum of 5 days excused.  Educational trips will not be approved for students with 9 or more absences (excused or unexcused) or after the fact. Trips before January 1st will be based off of the attendance for the previous school year; trips after January 1st will be based on the current year’s attendance.