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Dear Parents,

The 5th and 6th grades will continue the Accelerated Reader (AR) Program this year.  Most of you are familiar with AR.

It is a computerized reading program that enables students to take tests and earn points on books they choose to read.

A point value is assigned to books based on the difficulty/length of the reading selection.  Points are earned based on the

score your child receives on the test.  THIS YEAR, ONLY BOOKS THAT ARE READ INDEPENDENTLY WILL COUNT.


Students should read (finish) a whole book before attempting to take the test.  Once the test is taken for a particular

title, the information is stored permanently in the computer system under your child’s name, and your child can never take

a test on that book again.  Therefore, students should make their selections carefully and save longer and more difficult

books with higher point values for reading during middle school.  Please be aware that the student must make 100 on the

test to earn the total amount of points assigned to that book.  Additionally, students must score 60% or higher on

comprehension to earn any points at all for reading the book.  For example, if your child takes a test on a book and makes

a 30, he/she receives no points and cannot take the test again at any time.  Also, it is NOT acceptable to watch a movie about a book and then take an AR test on it. Fifth and Sixth graders will be required to choose books according to their tested

independent reading level. That information is located at the bottom of this letter.  Please check the point value and

reading level of each book BEFORE your child reads it.  Also make sure it is not a book he or she has read before!  This

saves a lot of tears!  There are a few exceptions to this rule. All books on the BATTLE OF THE BOOKS list for 2019-20

will count regardless of the level.  All books in the “I Survived” series will count as well. If a student is really interested

in a book below his/her level, please get permission from Mrs. Joyce prior to reading the book. Students are able to check

the point value of a book on-line AT SCHOOL OR AT HOME.  Just go to the Yadkin County Schools’ website, click on Schools,

then Forbush Elementary, then Students, then Accelerated Reader, and use the link for AR BOOK FIND.  PLEASE NOTE: STUDENTS DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO TAKING TESTS AT HOME.  If students read 20 minutes each night, AR goals

for each quarter will be easy to achieve.  There will be competitions between 5th and 6th grade to encourage each student

to meet his/her goal! There will also be a reward at the end of each quarter for students who have reached their goals!

Due dates are firm and cannot be extended for illnesses, etc.  Plan ahead.  Don’t wait until the last minute.  Don’t try to stay

up all night before the due date reading and test on multiple books in the same day. Don’t procrastinate!  If your goal is

15 points, 14.9 points do NOT count!  The goal must either be met or exceeded to count.  Independent Reading using

the AR program for 5th/6th grade will be required and counts as a grade on both the midterm and final average in ELA.

Again, novels read in class will NOT count toward the independent goal. Students will be allowed to take tests on books read

in class at the end of the quarter for extra credit only if he/she has met their goal. In addition to reading for AR points,

students will also complete enrichment activities such as book projects, presentations, etc.  In other words, students will

sometimes do more with their books than just take AR tests on them!  Extra credit will be given to students who exceed

the quarterly goal.  Remember, the best way to bring up a grade in Language Arts is to READ!!!






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Your point goals for the 4th quarter have been posted!